I've had many requests over the years to help with Tutorials/Explanations of how to do things on a pc. So here is a page devoted to that end.

In the main not my Video's but should be able to help in some area's. Hope you find it all useful!



This is a Video Tutorial that I did on Request.

Copying files into Folders and in this instance it was about saving styles from and to a floppy disk.

The important thing is to be prepared and  relevant files [styles] should be copied into a new named folder on the Desktop so that they can be copied from there and then pasted onto a new floppy disk or onto a usb, sd card, whatever medium we choose.

By the same token files from a storage medium can be copied and pasted to a location on the pc, a folder in our example. 

Hope you find this useful...Keith

 How to 'copy and paste'

 Google as a Calculator

 Change your screensaver

 How to share your videos

 Change your email address

 Windows XP Emulator

 Customize Internet Explorer 8

 Pin the Recycle Bid to the Taskbar

 Make Windows faster

 Create a cool Background

 Download and cycle images for screensavers

 Change Windows LOGIN Screen

 Download Drivers for free

 Tag ripped audio mp3 files

 How to edit song information in itunes

How To Convert Any Audio Format That ITunes Can Read to MP3
WAV ACC AIFF or Apple lossless 

Convert Audio Files 

 free wma to mp3 converter

 This is the 'Biggie' Help me Section


How to Re-format and re-install Win XP


Disclaimer, these video's have been added to this page and are not of my creation therefore I cannot Guarantee that they are totally accurate. From the information that I have seen and from my experience I can see no problems, however that is your decision to try at your own risk.

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