You may wonder why I'm featuring this Software Program. Well for me it's very easy and intuitive to use. It very easily rips CD's from your pc Drive and it will also convert those songs directly to mp3 format with the click of a button and then drop them neatly onto your Desktop in a ready made Folder ready to select and play. It will also convert .wav files to .mp3 format. All this and more for FREE! Can't ask for anything more. I think this program and it's Creators deserve to be featured. It's not everyday that you can get something this good for nothing but here it does exactly what it says and is a completely free version for you to Download. I use this program myself.

If you really like it then help Support the Developers and Buy the Full Version..  

Get FreeRIP CD to MP3 Converter








Here's a short Video Tutorial of the Software in Action 

 You can Download the FREE Program from HERE




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