Copy your voice files (uvn) to your USB Stick in preperation for copying to the Tyros HD.

Use the front port on the keyboard USB1. 

Let's begin:

A Request has been made with regard to loading in and saving Custom Voices. In this case it is UVN Voices to Tyros 3

 Highlight Right1 Voice on the play screen 

 and then press the Expansion Button, the Custom Voice Screen will appear. 

If no voices have been previously loaded in then all 128 slots will be empty. OK we have now established what is in the Expansion Bank. In this case voices have been previously loaded up to slot 022.  Exit back to the play screen.  

Press the Voice Creator Button on the keyboard....


......and then on screen Press the Individual Load button -> Tab across to USB1 .....

and find your Custom Voice [s] uvn or you can select a complete Folder[s] to copy over from usb1 to your Tyros HD.

Press 'Copy' and then select the voices , either single or complete Folders or both and Press OK.

The voices are now copied  ready to paste onto HD1. 

Tab back on screen to HD1 and then Press 'Paste'. You have now copied those voices into the Hard Drive.

Here we have copied the 'Stradivarius' uvn from usb1 and pasted into HD1 in a previously prepared Folder.

You can  also just load them straight onto the HD without using a Folder if you wish and link them from there.

 We are now ready to load the voices to our Custom slot(s). 

Highlight the voice on your Hard Drive that you wish to load [Stradivarius in this case] and the screen will automatically show the next available slot available to load.

You need not choose this slot, you can overwrite a voice you don't like and put the voice into any slot. 

Press Assign to load 'Strad' into the voice slot

Here you can see the newly Assigned uvn in the preset Tab [023] on screen.


Exit the screen and go back to your play screen.

Press the keyboad Expansion button and on screen you will see the PRESET Tab.
Here you may have to press the 'UP' Button (bottom right hand corner of screen)to see the
Custom Voice Folder where your new Custom Voice now resides.

I hope that this Workshop  is of help to you in  loading in your Custom Voices on T3 and would also apply to T2.

A further note. I have chosen to copy all relevant uvn files to the HD1 as they have now become resident in Tyros.

The voices can be loaded from USB very quickly without all of the above procedure using 'Custom Voice' -> Load individual voice'  but if that is done then that particular usb has to be in the keyboard every time that you load up otherwise the voices will be missing in any registrations or styles that you consequently load them into.

Note: You must have appropriate 'Dimms' Memory Modules fitted for Tyros3 up to 1 Gig for a matching pair ie. 512mb's each max.  Yamaha 'Flash Memory' is needed to load uvn for Tyros 4 and can be obtained from the Web and Yamaha Dealers. Tyros 3 has a User Memory of less than 4 mb's and you would only be able to store the smallest of uvn/tvn voices in that space (Tyros 4  6mbs). This Exercise can still be performed by using a voice file smaller than available space and Copy&Paste to 'user' area.


Dreams.S698.uvn Dreams.S698.uvn
Size : 924.822 Kb
Type : uvn
Dreams.S698.TVN Dreams.S698.TVN
Size : 924.76 Kb
Type : TVN

 These files can be used for the Workshop for both T2/T3 and less that 1mb in size.

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