Tutorials Page. Although some of the Tutorials are for the s class Series they equally apply to Tyros

 Transfer OTS from one style to another on Tyros 1-4

How to use Super Articulation on Tyros 3

 Tyros 3 Firmware Upgrade

 Registration Memory

 Creating Multipads on the 's' class keyboards from Simon Smith

 Converting midi to wav

Editing Voices

AI Fingering mode 

 Keyboard - Seminare HERE

Peter Baartmans T4 Audio Recording

 How to Download and Transfer Premium Packs

Many thanks to the contributors of Tutorial's

Creating Multipads on the Tyros keyboards


Basically the same Sequencer as Tyros

 Simplest method to create Styles

Style Creator on the keyboard

 How to keyboard Drum.

 Playing with styles

 Playing Wavecycle sounds

Peter Baartmans on VH on T4

How To Download and Transfer MIDI & Style Files

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