Creating Registrations on Tyros


 Within a Registration you have the capability to save all sorts of parameters with a setup. Styles, sounds, multipads, text files etc ALL linked together at the touch of a Button.....

My 'Workshop' is how to setup 2 particular songs within all 8 Registration Buttons, 4 for each Song. Other configurations can also be achieved, for example, a style connected to a particular song in each button....

This Workshop is suitable for all Tyros models, psr3000 and 'S' Series keyboards.  Media to be used Floppy Disk T1, USB/HD T2/3/4, S Series & SD card psr3000

 First thing on the Agenda is setting up the correct parameters on the keyboard. Press the 'Function' Button on the Keyboard -> Button E -> Tab button to the 'Freeze' Screen and select the parameters that you wish to remain unchanged - You can also Tab back to the 'Registration Sequence' page and select pedal functions and save them to the Registrations.  Exit that screen...



Start fresh with a Blank Registration Bank although you can overwrite existing saved Banks. In this instance load in the 'Blank Bank' as it is the easiest way!

Size : 0 Kb
Type : RGT

 TIP! You can use an existing Registration Bank and Save to a new name and then 'Edit' that file on Tyros. Copy a Registration and save it to a new name 'Blank' for example, press 'Edit' on the Screen and then press 'Delete'  and ALL and 'Save'. All the original Registration Buttons will now be unlit..Your own 'Blank' Bank.   


Turn your keyboard off, then whilst holding down the top B note, turn it back on.

You now have a blank bank to name as you wish. Now this can be used every time you want to make a new bank.


Starting to create a Registration - All files used in the Registration MUST be kept in their original positions in Media and that includes on Hard Disk, Floppy Drive, USB or User. If they are moved then the Registration will no longer marry up and will not work in the correct and intended manner. 

I am using a USB Stick in this example but it applies to all of the above Media.

 Select all your Relevant files and copy them onto your USB Stick. In this particular Registration that includes 2 Styles and 2 Text files. This will be added to later when we eventually save the new Registration....

 Pick your first style from your USB - 'Cheatin' Heart' and load. This is now ready to play on the keyboard.....



Cheatin heart.STY Cheatin heart.STY
Size : 0.03 Kb
Type : STY


 Now we can start to create the Registration. To keep it simple I have saved each Variation to a corresponding Registration Button, so V1 Marries up to R1, V2 to R2, V3 to R3 & V4 to R4...

 To save Variation 1 to Registration 1 Press the Keyboard 'Memory' Button and press R1 Button at the same time, this will now illuminate and you have saved the Registration in Memory. Do the same for all 4 Variations. You will now have 4 Buttons Lit up. You now have a duplicate of the style's 4 OTS in the 4 Reg Buttons.

 We can now start to build those Regs by changing voices, multipads etc and save as we go. That done, it's now time to Save the Registration to our chosen Media the USB Stick. Press Button J and and Tab across to your USB Page -> Press 'Save' and 'Name' the Registration -> OK. We now have our 'New' Bank saved. Exit and go back to your Screen.

 Press Button 'D' Style Button and Tab to your USB Stick and choose the second style......


Green Grass Of Home.sty Green Grass Of Home.sty
Size : 0.03 Kb
Type : sty


and then proceed to save each Registration Bank in the same way as before but this time using R 5, 6, 7 & 8 Buttons. When everything has again been saved -> Press Button 'J' and again save the Registration to USB. This time Tyros will ask you whether you wish to overwrite and the answer will be 'Yes' OK...

Country Duo kb.S917.RGT Country Duo kb.S917.RGT
Size : 0.006 Kb
Type : RGT


To link the text files on your USB Stick you would need to press the keyboard Lyrics/Text Button and Tab to the USB and select the txt file and then save it to each Registration Button, as with any other changes already performed..


Your Cheatin Heart.txt Your Cheatin Heart.txt
Size : 0.001 Kb
Type : txt


Green Green Grass Of Home.txt Green Green Grass Of Home.txt
Size : 0.001 Kb
Type : txt


I hope that this 'workshop' is of use to you and would equally apply to all Yamaha keyboards that have the Registration facility on board. The files supplied are T3/4 Specific (other than the Text files T4/3/2). Multipads used are taken from the Tyros Factory Bank however home created ones could be used in the same way and added to the files connected to your Registration in situ on your Media Storage...

Reg workshop Reg workshop
Size : 0.026 Kb
Type : zip
my reg workshop.txt my reg workshop.txt
Size : 0.003 Kb
Type : txt
Workshop styles suitable for Tyros2/1 & psr3000
Size : 0.023 Kb
Type : zip

Copy all files to your media.



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